Verdicts & Settlements


Medical Malpractice Settlement. Elective surgery on infant. Failure to monitor Blood pressure during surgery. Infant suffered oxygen deprivation resulting in Paralysis and other deficits.


Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement. Two back surgeries including fusion


Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement. Resulting in lumbar surgery


Total Verdict. – Settled on Appeal for $1,200,000.00, plus an additional $450,000.00 settlement with additional defendant. Products Liability Claim Against manufacturer of tire changing machine wherein tire exploded causing Brain injury


Motor Vehicle Settlement resulting in cervical fusion surgery


Fall Down Settlement requiring knee replacement surgery. Client already Needed knee replacement surgery, but fall down required earlier surgery


Medical Malpractice Settlement. A three month delay in diagnosis of breast Cancer


Worker’s Compensation Settlement. Lumbar fusion surgery


Worker’s Compensation Settlement. Hip surgery


Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement. Fatality – insurance policy limit



Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement – Arthroscopic shoulder surgery


The above verdicts and settlements were achieved by Attorney Fred Devine. They are illustrative of past successes and not intended to suggest future results in any individual case. Attorney Devine has personally achieved verdicts and settlements of over $40,000,000.00 in his career. Unfortunately, very few attorneys publish their individual results and even fewer publish their overall total settlements and verdicts. When comparing any law firm that does publish its totals, keep in mind the number of lawyers in the firm. For example, a law firm may advertise $30,000,000.00 in verdicts and settlements, but if there are four lawyers in the firm, that averages to $7,500,000.00 per attorney..